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Web content creation

Every big journey
begins with a little stepfrom new ideaswith a big dreamwith enthusiasmwith creativity
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I create web content and articles for personal and corporate blogs, based on a strategic communication plan. I can write press releases and content plans, I correct drafts and texts for different themes and application fields.

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Social Media

I create visual and textual content for social media according to a communication plan to communicate in a good way company and freelancer. I can create communication campains to publicize the activities.

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Web sites

I can prepare easy custom web sites to give a corporate image to your activity. I begin from the analysis of your personal communication needs, using a communication strategy and creating content for your online communication.


Communication with right content

Passion and creativity

Writing for communication online is important to your activity, because it is the first way for users to meet you and understand what are you doing with your work. Using right words is essential to have more visibility and increase your network in a simple way.

Social media and strategy

The right social media strategy for you

The right social media strategy can increase your network and help you to create audience for your activity and your communications.  The right social media strategy have to be planned by a specific editorial plan. People can reach you by social media, and then they can show interest for your activity.

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My projects and collaborations

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About me

My work and skills

I work with passion and creativity for every project, beginning by listening your needs and analyzing the specific field. Whith an analytic, technical and human prospective,  I can see the same project by different points of view. For this reason my soft skills are flexibility and rapidity.

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My books

Writing is my passion, and I use to write fantasy novel in italian language:

“Fantasia è una raccolta di racconti brevi, un ingresso, per un piccolo spazio di tempo, in mondi e epoche immaginarie.
Pensata per essere una piccola parentesi nella quotidianità, è una porta verso l’immaginazione.”

You can read Fantasia here

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If you need a help with your communication strategy, to write some web content or web site, you can contact me here. I live in Turin but I can use smart working!